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One of these improvements is pleat wrap soap, these are typically round soaps wrapped in a plastic wrapper. These plastic wrappers have to go and go quickly, as we believe they are very likely to become plastic pollution.
The chances of these plastic wrappers being recycled are slim. In most cases, these wrappers would be lost in the recycling process or lost in landfill. There is a very high probability this plastic will end up in the wrong place.

Our solution – we have replaced our plastic pleat wrap packaging with a recyclable and biodegradable paper, this small change removes 1 012 218 pieces of plastic from landfill each year. This change is well underway, with 100% of our pleat wrap soaps being packaged with this material by May 2020.
We have also changed the label that holds the pleat wrap in place. Our new labels are a paper-based material with compatible adhesive, ensuring that the label can be recycled.
This is a very small, very simple change that removes a heap of plastic from landfill and that allows our clients to enjoy the same hygienic soap they always have. A perfect win-win.

Watch this video on the soap recycling process!

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